Monthly Online Tournament

Monthly Online Tournament 

The Nava Outdoors monthly online tournament is back! This tournament will restart the 1st of every month with different rules and different prizes.

Easy to enter and easy to win, absolutely 100% free. To enter select the Registration info on the main page and in the notes just enter your full name, and what area you fish.

March's tournament winner will be decided on the number of spots on a redfish, most spots by the end of the month wins March's prize of Red Tide Custom rod. Also anyone who submits redfish with 9 or more spots automatically wins pack of Tomahawk Lures.



  • Must be registered before fish entry.
  • Must post video & pictures (the longer video and more detail the better) to Facebook group "Nava Outdoors" counting the number of spots.
  • Undersized fish or oversized fish CAN be entered BUT MUST HAVE PROOF OF RELEASE OF UNDERSIZED FISH OR TAGGING OF BULL RED, any entry that does not show the following will not be accepted!
  • Fish must be caught same day as entered and must say time and date in video, no exceptions.
  • Spots must be at least size of a "pencil eraser" group admins will make final decision on any spots in question.